Grow deeper in your faith through study and Christian fellowship! Find community at Resurrection in a Bible Study, Life Group, or at one of our Fellowship Events.

Grow Deeper in Faith

Actively engage in study and growth in terms of scripture, faith, tradition, etc. In order to grow, we have to learn; we have to stretch. Learning can happen through devotions, reading, and spending time alone with Christ. It can come from classes with others. The Triune God wants a dynamic relationship that continues to grow as you grow and changes as you change.

Check out these ways you can learn and grow in your faith and in community.


​Check out these ways you can learn and grow in your faith in Jesus Christ and in community.

​Here at Resurrection, Life Groups are a way of promoting community within the church by bringing people together to nurture a growing relationship with God and with one another through sharing His Word, caring and praying for one another, and community service.

Join us in fellowship! Spend time with others in the community who share the same talents, interests, and faith. Click below to see some of the events we have coming up where you are invited to join in the fun!

The CYF Ministry Team is committed to helping people of all generations grow together towards a mature faith in the Triune God. The CYF team seeks to help all ages be the presence of Christ in their daily lives so that others will follow Him.