About Us

Our Goals

  • Offer a variety of meaningful worship services
  • Serve families in our community
  • Engage in mission ministries through local and global opportunities
  • Participate in Life Groups—small group ministry

Our Core Values

  • Worshipping: We proclaim Gods graceful salvation through Word and Sacrament according to the Lutheran tradition.
  • Belonging: We value being a place where you are known, cared for, and accepted.
  • Welcoming: We welcome others as Christ welcomes and loves everyone.
  • Learning: We Seek to grow in our understanding of the Triune God.
  • Serving: We share ourselves, our talents, our time, our possessions.
  • Discipleship: We are being sent out into the world, we are on a mission from God.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Jesus is Lord.
  • All are welcome.
  • We give God our very best.
  • Grace abounds (God loves you, NO MATTER WHAT).
  • Life is about saying "Thank You."